About Us

Tea Soul was established with the intent to showcase the variety of natural flavours around the world in tea form. From different colour brews and aromas, our teas infuses the disconnect from life’s relentless cadence.

Our teas nurture your being and rejuvenation – Reawaken your soul with clarity, embrace focus anew, and navigate the day with purposeful steps.


Tea For The Mindful

Who Are We?

Tea Soul started brewing in Sydney, Australia 2022 with a vision to take you on a journey from our carefully curated earthy blends as we source organically grown and harvested tea leaves from around the world.

We want to foster wellbeing by sharing our devotion for natural ingredients and how it can help nurture ones soul. We also want to focus on the importance of what’s around us in the natural world.

Why Tea Soul?

“Quality organic and flavoursome teas” 


We have created a spectrum of teas that are not only fresh and flavoursome, but gives you peace of mind knowing that your drinking sustainably grown and sourced tea. With a unique range of tea blends suited for any palette, indulge your senses with our quality and organic ingredients and connect with the natural beauty of the Earth.

We’re not just a tea brand, we’re also a brand that focuses on the wellbeing of you and our environment.



Comfort yourself with a soothing cup of tea, and take time out for yourself, or to connect with loved ones. Tea has some amazing health benefits which are unknown to many. Mentally and physically, tea is life sustaining.

High Quality

All of our teas are ethically sourced from certified organic growers locally and globally. A great tea starts with the highest quality tea leaves that have been grown and processed with care. Our flavoursome teas will delight your senses.


Quality and convenience should never come at the cost of the environment. Our choice to sell loose leaf teas reduces waste and minimises environmental harm. Teas that are good for you, and good for the planet.

Our Guarantee

Tea Soul is focused on your wellbeing and the environment. We stand by our product 100%, if you don’t love it, we’ll refund it!