Repurposing Used Tea Into Something New

Tea offers so many benefits physically and mentally, but did you know that you can further sustain and repurpose them for yourself and around your home?… While tea itself doesn’t have an expiration date, old tea that has lost its flavour and aroma can still be put to good use. So, before you toss away unused tea bags or old packets of tea, try these five creative ways to reuse tea in your everyday life.


DIY Projects:

Transform old tea into fun DIY projects! The spices and flowers in tea can be used to create fragrant soaps and potpourri. Flower teas add beautiful shades of colour, while black and green teas work wonders as exfoliating ingredients in homemade soaps.


Boost Your Hair’s Shine:

Forget expensive conditioners and opt for a natural hair shine with old tea bags. Brew a weaker tea and massage it through your hair after shampooing. Tea acts as a natural conditioner, leaving your locks lustrous and radiant.


Nourish Your Garden:

Give your garden a treat with old brewed tea leaves. Use the wet tea leaves as a natural fertiliser to nourish your plants and watch them thrive. Mix the brewed tea with water and use it to water flowering plants for a blooming garden.


Remove Unpleasant Odours:

Tea’s deodorising properties come in handy for smelly situations. Soak your feet in a tea bath to extinguish foot odour, and place dry, unused tea bags in stinky shoes to eliminate unwelcome smells.


Household Cleaning:

Don’t limit tea bags to your cup; they can also be excellent cleaning aids around the house. Damp tea bags are perfect for rubbing over glass surfaces like mirrors, glass doors, and glasses to remove dust, grime, and fingerprints, restoring their shine. Additionally, they can work wonders in refurbishing old furniture, removing unwanted spots and scratches.


Remember, if you’re using brewed tea leaves or tea bags for any of these purposes, refrigerate them to prevent mould. Get creative and make the most of every last drop!