Loose Leaf Tea – The Environmental and Ethical Benefits

The answer is simple when it comes to loose leaf tea – it tastes superior and is much better for the environment. So if you drink tea and haven’t made the switch from tea bags, this article discusses a few good reasons why you should start.

Benefits of Loose Leaf versus Tea Bags

✅ Loose leaf tea is fresher

❌ Tea bags spend a long time going through processing

✅ Loose leaf tea uses minimal packaging

❌ Bagged tea requires a lot of packaging

✅ Loose leaf tea is plastic free

❌ Many tea bags contain microplastics

Our Why Behind the Brand

Part of the dream behind creating Tea Soul was to offer healthier drink alternatives for everyday enjoyment. Similarly, we wanted to provide a more environmentally friendly tea leaf option too. So when our team in house at Nucleo decided to produce a tea, we wanted a tea that would taste fresher, be ethically produced and good for the environment. We were passionate about producing a tea that would be well received in our community!

Environmentally Sustainable and Organic and Ethically Produced

We love the amazing flavours and aromas of herbal teas. But as we began consuming different options available on the market, we began to notice the huge amounts of packaging waste. There were reams of packaging. There was also a heavy carbon footprint created from shipping the tea across the world to processing facilities. Manufacturing the tea bags themselves contained a large amount of waste. We also noticed that the flavour of tea seemed to decline as the amount of time producing tea bags, packaging and shipping increased.

Then we discovered that many tea bags (yes even the paper ones) contained microplastics. What’s more, they contained bleaches that could not be composted. The idea of drinking a cup of plastic and chemicals was a major turn off!

We wanted tea that was good for our insides, good for the environment and tasted amazing.

That’s why Tea Soul only offers high quality, completely organic teas and blends. While it might take an extra couple of moments to scoop it into your infuser, it’s worth the extra effort to contribute to an ethical and sustainable brand. Making the switch has never been easier! So try loose leaf today, and discover the true benefits.