Frequent Traveller? Here’s The Secret to Beating Jet Lag

For avid travellers and frequent flyers, jet lag can be a challenging issue, especially when crossing multiple time zones. The body’s internal clock (the circadian rhythm), gets out of sync with the new time zone, leading to temporary sleep problems and fatigue. Whilst it’s hard to completely avoid jet lag, we have a secret to manage its symptoms like a pro.

Air travel often dehydrates the body, exacerbating jet lag symptoms and draining energy. While water is essential for staying hydrated during flights, recent research shows that 

Tea Soul’s Matcha Organic Tea, the superfood green tea, offers even greater benefits. Matcha not only rehydrates the body but also provides powerful antioxidants that combat the effects of oxidative stress caused by travel, promoting internal healing. 

Additionally, Matcha is known for its ability to combat fatigue and exhaustion, making it an ideal companion for travellers facing jet lag. With a steady energy boost that can last 3-6 hours, Matcha helps restore your body’s rhythm upon landing, offering a sense of calm alertness to embrace your journey with renewed vitality. Make Matcha your travel ally to conquer jet lag and stay revitalised during your adventures!