The Best Way To Store Your Tea

Properly storing tea is essential to preserve its freshness and health benefits. Light, temperature, and moisture are the three critical factors to control. 

For loose leaf tea, choose an airtight, opaque container to prevent exposure to humidity and light, which can degrade beneficial compounds. Metal canisters are ideal for storage, while plastic containers should be avoided to prevent any plastic taste or harmful chemical leaching.

For our Matcha Powder, the same airtight and opaque container is crucial, as it’s even more sensitive to air exposure. Once opened, matcha’s colour, taste, and health properties can quickly deteriorate. To extend its shelf life, store matcha in the fridge or freezer with a completely airtight container. Herbal teas like chamomile and peppermint are less delicate, and glass containers are suitable. They have a longer shelf life, lasting more than a year after opening. 

Remember, proper storage ensures tea stays fresh and enjoyable, maintaining its delightful flavours and healthful qualities.